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3 Climate Factors Predict Upcoming Mosquito Activity

Increases in three climate factors—temperature, rainfall, and ocean warming—can predict mosquito population growth in Sri Lanka for the next one to six months, according to a new study.

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Climate change threatens the health of billions of people

According to a new report released by the InterAcademy Partnership (IAP), climate change is threatening the health of billions of people worldwide through a range of both direct and indirect pathways, including heat-related mortality and morbidity, extreme weather events such as droughts or floods, decreases in crop yields, changes in the distribution of vector-borne diseases, and wildfires causing widespread exposure to air pollution.

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In Conversation: Why climate change matters for human health

The consensus among scientists is that we are in an era of global heating and extreme weather events, primarily due to the devastating effects of human action on the environment. Why are researchers concerned, and what are the implications for health?

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The Climate Emergency: Research Gaps and Policy Priorities

The Physiological Society

The World Health Organization has identified climate change as the single biggest health threat facing humanity. Physiology is an essential part of the scientific response as it helps us understand the consequences of climate change for humans and other animals.

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International Public Opinion on Climate Change 2022

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

This report presents results from an international survey, conducted in partnership with Data for Good
at Meta, investigating public climate change knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, policy preferences, and
behavior among Facebook users.

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State of the Global Climate 2021

World Meteorological Organization

The present WMO report provides an update on the annual state of the climate observed in the year 2021, and shows continued trends (also reported in the IPCC reports) in terms of key indicators.

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Lancet Countdown: Tracking Progress on Health and Climate Change

Lancet Countdown

This new platform allows users to engage with our findings and explore the 2021 report data at country specific, regional and income group level. The data visualisations are free to use and share, and we encourage you to include them in your work.

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